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Are you planning to renovate your bathroom, making it more modern and technology, through a special combination between shower and sauna?

Then all you have to do is buy Aso, where the combined Finnish sauna and shower meet in a frame covered with fir wood - characterized by stability and robustness - which ensures a long service life due to resistance to pests of wood and moisture.


= 8.000,00 €


= 7.500,00 €



= 6.000,00 €


= 5.500,00 €



= 7.500,00 €


= 7.000,00 €



The shower is equipped with a plate of polished white acrylic reinforced with fiberglass and non-slip finish, and the walls of tempered glass 6 mm thick and sliding access door with tempered glass, while the finishes are aluminum anodizing: among them, the wall to lean against the wall, is marked by a satin finish.

The budget for the combined Pegasus shower sauna heater comprises from 4.5 kw, with lava stones to a temperature between 80 and 100 degrees, with humidity reduced to 10-20 percent, and a thermometer, hygrometer, tub with ladle, hourglass, with spotlights white light for the interior.

The hydromassage column with glass shelf for toiletries and ceiling with spotlights and speakers complete the package of Pegasus.

The 8 whirlpool jets, the manual hand shower with sliding bar, the mixer and the digital control panel provides precise control of the functions of the shower and the radio.


Code B-901

Capacity 1/2 people

External cladding gloss white acrylic shower tray reinforced fiberglass with non-slip bottom

Glass is tempered glass (6mm thick)

Anodized aluminum finish

Lifesaving device is integrated

60mm exhaust

220V power supply - consumption 4.5KW

Control Panel: yes

Whirlpool dorsal (8 whirlpool jets)

Radio: yes

Loudspeaker Yes, 2 ceiling of the shower

Lighting shower is, 2 spots with white light

Shower Handbook: yes

Faucet unit: yes

Compartment: yes

Non-slip bottom: yes

Finish sauna fir: yes

Lighting sauna, 2 spots with white light

Stove with hot stones is, 4.5 KW

Hygrometer: yes

Thermometer: yes

Bucket and ladle in wood: yes

Hourglass: yes

This product is CE approved


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